Monday, August 17, 2009

ApostAZ podcast #17

ApostAZ podcast number 17 is out:
Episode 017 Atheism and Voluntarily Free Thought in Phoenix! Go to for group events! Special Guest Representatives of AZ Coalition of Reason Matt Schoenley, Jim Lippard, and Apostaz hosts Shannon and Brad. AZCoR, Who What what not Why and why not? Tam 7 and Skepticamp. Intro- Greydon Square 'Cubed' from the Compton Effect. Outro- Vocab Malone 'Track 12'.
This was my first time sitting in on the whole recording, rather than just contributing a short skepticism segment. While this was mainly about the Arizona Coalition of Reason, I did talk a little bit about TAM7 and SkeptiCamp Phoenix.

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Brad said...

Thanks for coming onto the show by the way. I look forward to having more in depth conversations with you on the podcast!