Thursday, July 12, 2007

Messianic Jew issues death threats to Colorado University biologists

For over a year, an individual has been harassing several evolutionary biologists at the Colorado University at Boulder about their "devilutionism," and has now crossed the line into threats. The Discovery Institute claims that whoever is doing this is clearly not a Christian, a creationist, or religious (of course, only atheists are capable of doing anything unethical or crazy, right?), but the identity of this individual is known to the people being harassed.

The Panda's Thumb, Pharyngula, and Dispatches from the Culture Wars have more.

UPDATE (July 13, 2007): The specific kook responsible has been identified as Michael Korn:
Menacher “Michael” Korn is a 49-year-old Israeli national and former Messianic Jew who says he was baptized into Christianity in the Sea of Galilee seven years ago and is now on a mission to convert Jews and Muslims. His blog, JesusOverIsrael., references CU-Boulder specifically and says he lives in Denver, although he has a North Carolina area code.
See Pharyngula for links to Korn's website and other information.


Leo said...

Perhaps the Discovery Institute should have stated that this individuals behavior is not compatible with and is in contradiction to the teachings of Christianity as stated in the Bible.

Jim Lippard said...

I would not have disagreed with them if they had said that. But instead, they've (as they often have) engaged in behavior which meets that same description.

AzamraDJ said...

This guy recently emailed me about my "apostasy" from his faith system.
I can forward all his emails to you if you'd like.

Contact me directly at