Friday, July 13, 2007

DI promotes round 4 for creationism in public schools

They plan to get Paul Nelson's Explore Evolution book used in a Tacoma, Washington public high school biology classroom.

Round 4's strategy is to avoid mentioning creationism or intelligent design, but just present evolution badly, and let the students infer creationism or intelligent design on their own or with the help of materials supplied outside of the classroom.

The successful defense this time may not be through the courts, but by refuting the material and getting schools to abandon it (or better, refuse to adopt it) because it contains errors and doesn't meet minimal standards of accuracy or value for the science curriculum.


Mark said...

A lot of responsibility may rest with the teachers. In the case of Dover, the teachers could refuse to support Intelligent Design Creationism, citing an official code of ethics for teachers in Pennsylvania. I hope the teachers in Tacoma also have a strong desire to teach real science and not the crap put out by the Discovery Institute.

AlisonM said...

I just always get a chuckle about the part that suggests this book be taught AFTER the AP exams have been taken. "so, after you've gotten them to take the test, and their placement is secure, you can finally teach them DA TROOOOOOOF!"