Friday, February 09, 2007

Paszkiewicz has Matthew LaClair removed from his class

The latest news from Kearny High School, via Kevin Canessa at the Observer, is that David Paszkiewicz has removed what he sees as the source of his problems from his classroom by switching classes with another teacher. Now, Debbie Vartan teaches Paszkiewicz's class and vice versa. Principal Alfred Somma confirms that Paszkiewicz requested the switch.

Apparently the ban on classroom recordings wasn't enough--Paszkiewicz must realize that Matthew LaClair has more credibility than he does with the mainstream media, and his presence in the classroom was cramping his style.

Here's hoping that there's someone who was in Debbie Vartan's class who's got as much integrity and brains as Matthew LaClair, and who will keep the public informed of any further misrepresentations or Establishment clause violations in Paszkiewicz's classroom.

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