Saturday, February 17, 2007

Painfully Unfunny

Are neo-conservatives really this humor-impaired?

This show comes off like something Kevin Trudeau should be involved with, somehow.


Jim Lippard said...

How bit, with Rush Limbaugh as president of the United States and Anne Coulter as vice president?

Jim Lippard said...

That was supposed to say "how about this bit."

Einzige said...

Neo-Conservatives ARE humor-impaired!

How is Anne Coulture saying what she actually believes (or at least purports to believe) made funny in any way by imagining her saying it as vice president?

Mark said...

A neo-con acquaintance of mine post this video on his blog. Spectacularly unfunny -- it has all the dressings of humor, with none of the actual wit.