Friday, February 23, 2007


The blogosphere has been making fun of absurdities at Conservapedia, Andrew Schlafly's attempt to create a conservative-oriented version of Wikipedia. Orac points out that Conservapeia promotes the anti-vaccination Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (Schlafly is their legal counsel). Mark Chu-Carroll points out that even math has a liberal bias, according to Conservapedia. P.Z. Myers looks at some of Conservapedia's coverage of evolution.

Perhaps most entertaining is Jon Swift's coverage of Conservapedia, which contains links to many of the Science Bloggers' commentaries.


AcademicStalin said...

Viery horosho! Tovarisch, it is so sad that there were so little of you back in the day. You would be awarded Lenin prize rightr away!
We would never lost the cold war. It would be just glorious. Nuh, this stupid Reagan fella - he screw us badly. But there is hope as I can see - as more folks like you will grow up. We can turn things around! Just have a sex with the woman from time to time would, yea? I know trees more glamourous. But we need more geniuses like you. Propagate, PLEEESE.
We love you and folks like yea -dear useful idiots!
With communist's greeting!
Academic Stalin - a true scientist

Einzige said...

Propaganda is okay, I guess, as long as it's used in the service of "anti-communism". Truth is incidental to the issue--and never really all that important, in any case.

That's what I gather, anyway, from your comment, academicstalin.