Saturday, January 27, 2007

State legislator who supported Scientology also supports global warming denial

Arizona State Representative Pamela Gorman (R-District 6, Anthem) was one of several legislators who accepted gifts from the Church of Scientology and helped promote bills for Scientology's Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

She is also on the Legislative Advisory Board to the Heartland Institute, publisher of Environmental & Climate News, a publication that is still, as of its February 2007 issue, arguing that global warming is mythical. This issue contains articles such as "Greenland Coldest in 60 Years" and "Little Ice Age May Return Soon," and contains a set of graphs of global satellite temperatures on p. 7 that attributes 1998's high temperatures to El Nino. The Heartland Institute's past articles have included titles like "Eight Reasons Why 'Global Warming' is a Scam" (2003), "National Geographic Promotes Global Warming Myths" (2004), and "Michael Crichton is Right!" (2005)

(Rep. Gorman's Blogger profile lists "Anthem Shrugged" as one of her favorite books. Ayn Rand wrote books called Anthem and Atlas Shrugged, but it appears Rep. Gorman has combined them. She has apparently been too busy to blog much; she posted twice in January 2006 and has only posted again this month.)


Mark said...

You missed that she is listed as hailing from Anthem, Arizona, so that's probably where she picked up "Anthem", having probably just typed it seconds before.

Not sure what relevance her liking of Ayn Rand would have to the rest of this post, though, except that Objectivism seems to be a cult as well...

Lippard said...

Mark: I did notice that (I mentioned that she's in legislative district 6, Anthem), but you're right, it could be that she had Anthem on the brain when she wrote the title.

I'm also in agreement that Objectivism seems to be a cult.

Anonymous said...

So this state legislator supported Scientology and also supports global warming denial. Okay.... so what?

Any legislator anywhere supports all kinds of things, and often self-contradictory ones. So what?

And yes, ok, Ayn Rand. So what?

The whole post seems to stack non-sequiturs on top of non-sequiturs and without a punchline. One might just as easily posit that a legislator who supported a pro-Catholic bill also supports gun control. So what?

It's easy for conspiracy-minded sorts to collect and point out disparate points of information and tie them together, but it helps to have a logical reason to do so.

Lippard said...

The unstated punchline is something like "Hey, look, another idiot in the Arizona legislature."

I thought it was obvious. From now on I'll try to be more clear by including that point in the subject, as I did for Sen. Karen Johnson.

Lippard said...

Ah, Wax-Q, I just looked at your blog and I see why you didn't get it. You think L. Ron Hubbard is a genius.

It must be hard being a Scientologist in Indianapolis.