Monday, January 22, 2007

Fear the "new atheists"

P.Z. Myers pointed out the beginnings of a backlash against "the new atheism" in the Wall Street Journal on January 5, now on January 16 Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis has joined in:
We’ve warned you about them before on our website—but now they’re on a much more aggressive march all across America. No longer are they just staying in their classrooms or writing books and articles in the comfort of their offices. They are “the new atheists,” and they are aggressively going after your children, your liberties, and your faith!

These atheists are not just publicity seekers. They are very serious about their mission. Dawkins, from England, was recently crusading across America to proclaim his atheism to newspapers, websites, and at public meetings.

According to Ham, Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins are coming for your children, and the best way to stop them is to give money to AiG so that they can complete their museum.

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mizlee said...

I am an atheist, and have always been one, and if I can keep a child from being indoctrinated into the viciousness and worthlessness of religion, I will consider my life well lived.