Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mohammed the Prophet Answers Your Emails

Just saw this cartoon at This Blog Is Full of Crap. Let's see, depicting Mohammed, depicting Mohammed in hell, putting words in Mohammed's mouth. I don't think Muslims will be very happy about this, considering their unreasonable reaction to cartoons of Mohammed in Denmark (previously referred to in my posting on the "Sexy Bin Laden").


Einzige said...

All I can say is, I hope to see more of it.

Here's a suggestion to get off to a good start:

Extremely graphic (I'd suggest Manga as a style, to start out with) orgy scenes with Mohammed, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, The Father, The Holy Spirit, Santa Claus, Buddha, the Pope, Krshna, and anyone else you'd care to throw in there... Make sure there's plenty of sodomy, and definitely some taking of THE LORD's name in vain, some dishonoring of father and mother. Some spilling of seed. Oh, and some bestiality and necrophilia, too (I guess the Holy Spirit kinda fits that definition already).

Any takers?

Laurence said...

Not me. I'm content with my current series.