Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Arizona's science standards get a B

The Fordham Foundation has reviewed the science standards for each state.

Arizona gets an overall 72 of 100 points which rates a B--it must be graded on a curve. Evolution is not covered until high school, and gets only 2 of 3 possible points.

The breakdown:

A. Expectations, Purpose, Audience 7.8 out of 12
B. Organization 8.0 out of 9
C. Science Content and Approach 17.8 out of 27
D. Quality 6.0 out of 9
E. Seriousness 6.0 out of 6
Inquiry 2 out of 3
Evolution 2 out of 3
Raw Score 49.6 out of 69
Final Percentage Score 72 out of 100

Dispatches from the Culture wars comments on Michigan's rating. (3 out of 3 on evolution, but a D overall grade.) Pharyngula reports on Minnesota (2 out of 3 on evolution and a B, just like Arizona), and also gives a nice map showing which states have improved or gotten worse (Arizona has gotten worse).

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