Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Indigo Children: How to Raise a Spoiled Brat Fake Psychic

What are "indigo children"?
Indigo Children are the current generation being born today and most of those who are 8 years old or younger. They are different. They have very unique characteristics that set them apart from previous generations of children. The name itself indicates the Life Color they carry in their auras and is indicative of the Third Eye Chakra, which represents intuition and psychic ability. These are the children who are often rebellious to authority, nonconformist, extremely emotionally and sometimes physically sensitive or fragile, highly talented or academically gifted and often metaphysically gifted as well, usually intuitive, very often labeled ADD, either very empathic and compassionate OR very cold and callous, and are wise beyond their years. Does this sound like yourself or your child?
Here's a story originally from the Orange County Register about some "indigo children." How hard would it be for an undisciplined, rebellious child to set up the "orange incident" to impress some gullible parents? (Thanks to several people on the SKEPTIC mailing list for the references.)

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Einzige said...

Hopefully, you've now given inspiration to lots of kids for ways to scam their parents into believing that they, too, are "indigo kids".

Stop the ride. I want off.