Monday, October 26, 2009

Paul Haggis leaves Scientology

Paul Haggis, director of the film "Crash" (not to be confused with the David Cronenberg film of the same name), has left Scientology with an open letter published on ex-Scientologist Mark "Marty" Rathbun's blog (which has also supplied links to Scientology's reply).

One of Haggis' main complaints is the Church's homophobia. Was Haggis really in Scientology for three and a half decades without realizing that homosexuality is 1.1 on the "tone scale"? Good for him for leaving, but he must have had blinders on regarding everything he complains about.

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James said...

In his letter, Haggis took Davis to task for lying about CoS practices on CNN, using confidential "confession" information to smear ex-CoS members, and fighting gay rights in California. These are, of course, all things the CoS has been doing since the beginning. It just took 35 years for Haggis to notice.