Monday, October 26, 2009

Hitler orders DMCA notices for "Downfall" parody videos

Brad Templeton, chairman of the board of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has produced his own "Downfall" parody video, making fun of the fact that Constantin Films has issued DMCA notices to remove all of the "Downfall" parody videos from YouTube:

UPDATE (April 20, 2010): This video has been taken down from YouTube after a complaint from Constantin Films, which Brad Templeton has protested. The video is now available at Vimeo.


Eamon Knight said...

The ironies:
1) I would probably never even have heard about this movie were it not for the parodies. Now, I would like to see it sometime (the Nazi period being something I have a morbid fascination with -- not unlike rubbernecking at freeway pileups).
2) The parodies aren't making fun of the movie; they're using a powerful piece of footage to lampoon other things (mismanagement of sports teams, favorite TV shows jumping the shark, etc.)

Reed said...

I've enjoyed a number of these parodies, particularly the font one recently.

Eamon: have you listened to Dan Carlin's four-part series (mp3 link I think) on Hitler's war in the East? It's amazing.

cmgomes said...

@0:57 - "Anyone who has violated a copyright leave... the... room... now" (all but 6 leave) :-)
@2:15 - "We might as well all become communists. Like Stallman!!" lolz...

Harlan said...

That's fantastic, hah. Reed/Eamon: yes, that Dan Carlin series (and his entire podcast) is terrific military history.