Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mark Sanford wants me to join him...

Talk about great timing--a few minutes ago, I received an email from "Governor Sanford" with the subject "Join Me." I thought perhaps it might be an invitation to travel to Buenos Aires. But no, it's an appeal from the Goldwater Institute to join, signed by Mark Sanford, the Republican Governor of South Carolina who is in the news today for confessing that his recent week-long disappearance was to visit a woman in Argentina that he's been having an affair with.

I suppose they can be sure the recipients are more likely to open such an email today, though I'm not sure how much Sanford's name will result in people giving them money.

BTW, Fox News ran a caption on Sanford's confession press conference identifying him as a Democrat, just like they did with Republican Rep. Mark Foley of Florida back in 2006.


dropsy said...

Why are you so gung-ho to crucify this man because he loved someone so much he was willing to risk everything - his career, his marriage, his entire life - to travel to a faraway land to be with them?

Pierre Stromberg said...

Well, in my opinion, I think the government shouldn't be in the business of recognizing the marriages of Republican politicians. Wouldn't you agree Dropsy? Take my poll.


Jim Lippard said...

Dropsy: You're wanted back at the Scientology post you were previously commenting on.

I'm not out to nail Mark Sanford to a cross--I'm just making an observation about the either very poor or very good timing of the Goldwater Institute's email under his name, as well as the Fox News attempt to brand another religious right moral failure in the Republican party as a Democratic one.

BTW, I think Sanford could have done what he did in a moral way--but that would have involved divorcing his wife first, or at least getting her permission to change the terms of their marriage before stepping out on her. It was also wrong of him as the governor of his state to not let anyone know where he was, which is part of the reason why he now has no chance of being a Republican nominee for president in the next election.

Schtacky said...

Dropsy: Jump...jump...jump to conclusions. Do you actually read the text of a post before commenting? Jim was so quick to condemn Sanford that he forgot to condemn him.

The fact that he went outside of his marriage is pretty horrifying, but I would be willing to bet that we'd have an easier time counting the politicians that haven't done so, versus those that have.

What's troubling here is that a sitting governor took off for a week without telling anyone - that's irresponsible and calls into question his fitness as an elected official.

I second the motion for follow-up on your Scientology postings as well. Dropsy?

Ktisophilos said...

Well, maybe Sanford could re-elected if he does a (Benedict Arlen) Specter. After all, Democrat Gerry Stubbs managed to get re-elected after having sex with a teenage page boy and turning his back on Congress when it censured him. Slick Willy is still a Dem hero.