Monday, June 08, 2009

ApostAZ podcast #16

The latest ApostAZ podcast is now out:
Episode 016 Atheism and Bleep-Free Thought in Phoenix! Go to for group events! Special Guest August Berkshire. August Berkshire is vice-president of Atheist Alliance International (AAI), and past president of Minnesota Atheists.

He is also in the midst of a three-week tour through the midwest and southwest visiting various atheist groups along the way including our own Phoenix Atheist group. Intro: Roll with an Atheist by Charlie Checkm. Outro: Fallen on the Front Lines by Galt Aureus.

August is the owner of the “ATHEIST” license plate for Minnesota and is proud to be listed in the reference book Who’s Who in Hell.
Origin of the "Seven Deadly Sins":

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nice! I envy that Atheist license plate.