Monday, November 03, 2008

ApostAZ podcast #10

ApostAZ podcast #10 is out:
Episode 010 Atheism and Dogma-Free Thought in Phoenix! Go to for group events! Quiverfull, Innocence, Over-population, Which Came First, Religion or Ignorance? (Some of David's artwork:, Fear and Dogma, Ignosticism, Priming the Gish Gallop.
There's some discussion of what the legal standards should be for government prevention of abuses by separatist religious groups like Warren Jeffs' FLDS group. It's a tough problem, especially when various child protective agencies themselves have a poor reputation and cause harm themselves. In the FLDS case in Texas, the state raided the FLDS compound on the basis of a hoaxed complaint, adult women were taken and held as minors, and the Texas CPS repeatedly misrepresented the facts to try to justify its actions (links are to several of numerous blog posts by economist David Friedman, who blogged the FLDS situation in detail).

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Silver Fox said...

The behavior of the Texas authorities was disgraceful. They went into a family compound, pointing guns, kidnapping women and children and traumatizing children beyond repair and all of this on the basis of a hoax telephone call. They then attempted to justify this tradegy by saying they were "protecting" children.

They could have secured legal authority to investigate activities in the compound and then set up a monitoring program that would secure the safety of children. In other words, they could have more effectively protected children without all the trauma and theatrics.