Thursday, May 29, 2008

Richard Cheese in Phoenix

Today's Arizona Republic has an article about Richard Cheese, who will be appearing at the Celebrity Theater on June 7 with his Lounge Against the Machine band. The article describes his roots in Arizona and the man behind the leopard-print tuxedo--who shared a table with me (we didn't have desks) in sixth grade. (Mark and I attended the same schools and were friends from third through eighth grade, then went different ways, though we have crossed paths from time to time since then, including when he got me a DJ job for ASU's campus radio station, KASR-AM, when we were both undergrads there. Sadly, KASR's call letters now belong to a sports radio station in Arkansas.)

Einzige, Kat, and I will be at the show.

Phoenix New Times had a similar, more detailed story about Richard Cheese the week of May 19, 2005, "Big Cheese" by Jimmy Magahern.

Also watch for Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine on TV3's "Good Morning Arizona" program on Thursday, June 5, at around 8:30 a.m.


James Hanley said...

I'm jealous!

But I heard he had retired due to voice problems. Were the rumors of his demise premature? Dare I hope?

Jim Lippard said...

Well, he's been saying he's going to retire at least since 2005, but I'll find out what he says now after the show.