Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Phoenix Lights of 1997, explained yet again

The latest e-Skeptic from the Skeptics Society features an article by former Phoenix New Times investigative reporter (and now editor of the Village Voice), Tony Ortega, titled "The Phoenix Lights Explained (Again)." Ortega already published the best explanation to date in Phoenix New Times shortly after the two events took place.

He doesn't mention the "new Phoenix Lights" that appeared this year, which turned out to be flares tied to helium balloons, nor last year's reappearances of the "Phoenix Lights," which corresponded with Air Force training with flares, nor former Arizona Governor Fife Symington's claim that he saw the original lights and thinks it was an extraterrestrial spacecraft, which shows that he's an idiot.

Tony Ortega is also known for his hard-hitting investigative reporting on the Church of Scientology, and his work has been referenced at this blog regarding both subjects, along with the case of the killer who ran for state legislature in 2006.

UPDATE (July 20, 2009): Tim Printy has more detail on the explanation of the Phoenix Lights than I've seen elsewhere.

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Jerry said...

I witnessed something similar to the Phoenix Lights and its' supposed mile long V shaped object. In 1990, near Elko, Nevada at around 1AM, Layne Western was drilling near the area and I was part of that crew. At the time, I was monitoring our water pit when I noticed the lights in the night sky. They were spread out like the Phoenix Lights and as it got closer, I could make a V shaped object that spanned from one end of the horizon to the other. It was enormous! What was eary is that it had no engine noise and quiet. So, when it got to close enough to our rig, I did notice what look like jet fighters on each side of this behemoth. I knew it was jet fighters because I recognize the fuselage shape of an F16 or F17. I then thought it might be some kind of military secret craft seeing as how it was near groom lake, NV. Then many years later, I saw the B2 bomber for the first time during the Iraq war and I thought that it might have been it.

I just wanted to share this information. I attest this statement in its' entirety to be a true witnessed event.