Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Anonymous" launches "war" against Scientology

In a press release yesterday that cites an article I co-authored in Skeptic magazine, a group referring to itself as "Anonymous" has announced that it has declared war against Scientology. The stated justification for the "war" is the Church of Scientology's attempts to keep a video of Tom Cruise off the net. That video, which is still viewable at Gawker.com, was made for a Scientology awards ceremony. The longer video from which it was taken is also now viewable there. Gawker.com responded to a cease and desist letter with a refusal to remove the video, which it considers to be fair use for news and comment, but I'm not so sure that it has a good legal case for putting up more than short excerpts. (In case you're wondering about all the Scientology jargon in the Tom Cruise video, MTV has done a good job of explaining it. Actor Jerry O'Connell has also put out a good parody.)

The "war," which is described at another site under the name "Project Chanology" (a reference to 4chan, a popular message board, where most posts are made by people who don't login and are thus attributed to "Anonymous"), calls for denial of service attacks over the Internet, prank phone calls, spam emails, and personal visits involving vandalism and harassment. Apparently Scientology's main website was down due to denial of service for at least part of the day yesterday.

The press release cites a number of web pages for further information about Scientology, the second of which is the article "Scientology v. the Internet: Free Speech & Copyright Infringement on the Information Super-Highway" which Jeff Jacobsen and I wrote for Skeptic magazine in 1995 after Scientology effectively declared war on the Internet. (A much lesser-known sequel to that article, published only on the web, is "Scientology v. the Internet: An Update and Response to Leisa Goodman.")

I completely disagree with the tactics being used here--Scientology has as much right to free speech and protection of their copyrights as anyone else, though I also condemn Scientology's habitual misuse of copyright to try to suppress fair use of information. To the extent this is a prank designed to get media attention, well done. To the extent it gets taken seriously, though, it's something that may not end well. Read the material, watch the videos, have a laugh, and tell others about the absurdity and abuses of Scientology. But please, don't launch attacks on their websites, harass individuals, or engage in vandalism.

"Anonymous" previously received coverage for attacks on MySpace accounts on Fox 11 in Los Angeles on July 26, 2007.

BTW, the press release gets its facts wrong when it claims that the alt.religion.scientology Usenet newsgroup was "shut down." Scientology attorney Helena Kobrin issued an rmgroup message, but almost all news servers ignored it. The accurate facts may be found in Jeff's and my Skeptic article.

UPDATE: Wikinews and Xenu.net have more.


Cairnarvon said...

Perhaps Scientology should get a dog. And/or curtains.

(Is your misunderstanding of the nature of Anon an ironic jab at the Fox piece, or unintentional?)

Jim Lippard said...

"Anonymous" strikes me as a joke about attributing an action to an individual or group named "anonymous" rather than truly anonymous individuals. It seems to me that this press release is intended to provoke individual action, rather than action from an actual group called "anonymous," yet the fact remains that there is some actual individual or group behind the press release.

Reed E said...

I'm surprised that we see DDOS attacks of an ideological nature so soon. You'd think that the botnets of compromised Windows machines (which are presumably being used in this case) would be used solely for illicit commercial and military ventures (extortion, etc.)

Perhaps this is a taste of what's to come, where ideological battles aren't simply a war of words and images, but also of shutting-down the opponent's mouthpiece?

I do admit to experiencing a bit of schadenfreude, however.

Cairnarvon said...

Botnets have been around for many years, Reed. If they were only now beginning to be used for ideological ends, it would be surprisingly late.

It would surprise me if botnets of any real size were used, though, and I can assure you there is no overlap between criminal organisations who'd use botnets for illicit commercial ventures or extortion and Anon. It's a very different kind of animal.
If any Anons did maintain botnets, it would just be, as said, for the lulz.

Jim Lippard said...

I agree with Cairnarvon on that point... botnets have been around in something close to their current form since around 2002, though they didn't really start getting substantial media attention until 2006 (with a few exceptions, like The Register, which had stories in 2005, as well as Dave Dittrich's article in the March 2005 issue of Information Security), after the first U.S. prosecution (against Christopher Maxwell), which was publicized in May of that year (for events that took place in January 2005).

I agree that the majority of botnet (and malware use in general) is for economic ends, but we already saw an ideological use with the Russian attack on Estonia in April of last year.

InfoWorld just ran a story called "Botnets: The New Political Activism" earlier this month.



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Einzige said...

Wow. I don't think I've ever read a better endorsement of Scientology than this twaddle from Ronbothunter (and, in case you're not paying attention, I think Scientology is pure crap).

Justin said...

While not all of what anonymous has done is good, it is about time for someone to question Scientology and its ways of getting whatever it wants. The internet is the perfect place for that to be done because it does provide a sense of anonymity in that the Scientology legal team can't try and screw over anyone who questions them.