Sunday, January 06, 2008

Andrew Morton's Tom Cruise tell-all

Dlisted has the scoop on Andrew Morton's book on Tom Cruise, to be released on January 15. I would surmise that it will not be published in the UK, which has much stricter libel laws.

Cruise was threatening to sue Morton for this book back in February 2006, before he had even started writing it, because Morton hired gay porn star turned private investigator Paul Baressi, whose allegations of a gay affair with John Travolta were published in the National Enquirer, only to retract them after being sued by Travolta. Photos of Travolta kissing a man on the steps of his private plane during the production of "Hairspray" were widely published in 2006.

L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology consider homosexuality to be a perversion which falls at 1.1 on the tone scale, between fear and anger.

UPDATE (January 12, 2007): Slate reads Morton's book so you don't have to, and reveals that the Tom Cruise of Morton's book is strictly heterosexual.

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Hi Jim,

hope you been well.

I was watching webstats soar and I knew something was up and then found the reviews of the cruise tell all. There is reference to the fields of flowers planted for tom and nicole to 'romp' in at the scientology scam's HQ.. you might want to point your readers at Andre Tabayoyan's declaration, line 124, here:

take care
and thanks for keeping on

Jim Lippard said...

Hello, Arnie!

Yes, I've been well.

The webstats haven't really soared here, but someone from the Church of Scientology came by last night to check things out again:

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olvlzl said...

Tom Cruise, John Travolta? As if we gay men didn't have enough trouble already. I do find it rather reassuring, though, that L Ron - sounds like an unproduced, discontinued prototype for a piece of 50s hardware, doesn't it - didn't approve, though it hardly makes up for the mental picture you forced me to have. No. I will not look.

olvlzl said...

And "tone scale", if that doesn't sound kind of swish I don't know what does.

Yikes. Now I'm thinking about Topeka Phelps.

Tal Poleaf said...

Hey, how do you get the IP addresses of people who merely look at your website?

What is the procedure for that, and how often do you do that? I would like to learn to do that.

Einzige said...

Jim Lippard said...


For my other websites, they are actually on hosts under my control, so I have the complete records of the web server access and error logs. For this blog, since it's on Blogger, I don't have access to the raw logs, but as Einzige pointed out, I can see the last 100 accesses reported via SiteMeter. That doesn't show people that get an RSS feed via FeedBurner, though, I believe.