Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do ID theorists generate data?

In an excellent blog post at Quintessence of Dust, Stephen Matheson patiently examines the details of DI Fellow Jonathan Wells' only attempt to engage in scientific research in support of intelligent design by putting forth a hypothesis to be tested. By doing more of the work that Wells himself should have done, Matheson shows that Wells' efforts were far below expectations for scientists and that his hypothesis has subsequently (but with no thanks to ID theorists, who did no work on the subject) been falsified.

(Via Pharyngula.)


SFMatheson said...

Hey, thanks for the link! It was good to get that article out of my system; it's a lot more fun to write about real science.
Since you're in Phoenix, I'll add the fact that I'm an Arizonan from days gone by. I grew up in West Phoenix, and went to Cortez High ('80). Turned Benedict Arnold and went to the UofA...it took me two years to be able to cheer for the Wildcats but once I turned to the Dark Side there was no turning back. Nice blog, and thanks again for the plug.

Jim Lippard said...

No need to call it the Dark Side here... although Kat and I have our undergraduate degrees from ASU, she started at UofA and I got a master's degree at UofA. Einzige got his bachelor's at UofA, as well. And I don't think any of us here cheer for any sports teams...

Thanks for stopping by!