Monday, December 31, 2007

December's Phoenix Housing Stats Update

By now it's barely even newsworthly that December saw another record number of notices of trustee's sales in Maricopa County (3875, which was more than 300 higher than last month's record high, which was almost 100 higher than October's record high, which was roughly 200 higher than August's record high...).

For some extra context and excellent commentary, after looking at the graphs...
Maricopa County Notices of Trustee's Sales - Click to Enlarge
Maricopa County Median Home Price - Click to Enlarge
Number of Homes Sold Per Month in Maricopa County - Click to Enlarge
...I recommend you check out Mish's Pent Up Housing Demand, and the NYT's Sound of a Bubble Bursting.


Tal Poleaf said...

Where did you get these graphs? (What is the public site that has them?) I would like to search that database. Thanks.

Einzige said...

I make the graphs in Excel using raw data I pull from the Maricopa County Recorder's Office and the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service.