Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Did Cheney send Gonzales and Card to Ashcroft's hospital room?

The New York Times editorialized that vice president Dick Cheney was the person who sent then White House counsel Alberto Gonzales and chief of staff Andrew Card to the hospital bedside of Attorney General John Ashcroft to try to get him to reauthorize the warrantless wiretapping program that the acting Attorney General James Comey and many Department of Justice staff (including Comey and FBI Director Robert Mueller) threatened to resign over.

Larry King asked Cheney about it, and his response is that he had no recollection of such an event, and besides, he didn't read the New York Times editorial. Sounds like a lie to me, and Larry King seems to suggest he thinks so as well.

Talking Points Memo thinks they've identified a Cheney "tell." (And no, it's not just that his lips are moving...)

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