Friday, November 03, 2006

Sen. Jon Kyl a target after Internet gambling ban

Sen. Jon Kyl, a strong supporter of banning Internet gambling, is a target of online poker players upset at the sleazy way the recent law prohibiting banks from engaging in financial transactions with online gaming sites was passed. That law was snuck into a port security bill in the night by Bill Frist, with no opportunity to vote on the amendment. The effect of that law has been to cause all of the largest legitimate online gaming sites (such as those publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange) to decline to permit Americans to use their sites, while those that are on the shadier side continue to take American business. In other words, the effect has been to make online gaming more dangerous for Americans, and to have less accountability about where the profits go.

Kyl has seen his lead in the polls over Jim Pederson decline, though he is still, unfortunately, likely to win.

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donna said...

Kyl will probably win this time, but I think Pedersen learned a lot.

There are quite a few nasty targets for the next few election cycles yet. We're in for a long haul to change things.

Hey, I'm stuck with Duncan Hunter as my representative - ew.