Saturday, March 04, 2006

Find the Pit Bull

See if you can spot the pit bull on this web page. This is from, a great site to learn more about the American Pit Bull breed. I know a lot about dog breeds, and I only got it right on my third try. (Yes, there are many breeds pictured that are not popular in the U.S.) While many cities/insurance companies are considering breed-specific ordinances/restrictions that penalize pit bulls and their guardians, this web site highlights the fact that most people cannot recognize a pit bull when they see one.

I believe any dog breed can be aggressive and a danger to society at large. Breed-specific legislation targets the dogs, not the people who are really the problem.


Einzige said...

Those "sad reality" photos (one of the links on the referenced page) are in some ways more disturbing than most of the stuff you find on or They're disturbing in the way pictures of abused children are disturbing.

Jim Lippard said...

A rebuttal which shows that the "Find the Pit Bull" images are rather deceptive is here: