Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blogger's spam-prevention robots are defective


This blog has been locked by Blogger's spam-prevention robots. You will not be able to publish your posts, but you will be able to save them as drafts.

Save your post as a draft or click here for more about what's going on and how to get your blog unlocked.

Clicking there yielded:

Your blog is locked

Blogger's spam-prevention robots have detected that your blog has characteristics of a spam blog. (What's a spam blog?) Since you're an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not a spam blog. Automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and we sincerely apologize for this false positive.

You won't be able to publish posts to your blog until one of our humans reviews it and verifies that it is not a spam blog. Please fill out the form below to get a review. We'll take a look at your blog and unlock it in less than a business day.

If we don't hear from you, though, we will remove your blog from Blog*Spot within 10 days.

Find out more about how Blogger is fighting spam blogs.

That's what I saw Wednesday morning... afternoon Thursday, it's still locked.

Your blog has been reviewed, verified, and whitelisted so that it will no longer appear as potential spam. If you sign out of Blogger and sign back in again, you should be able to post as normal. Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Blogger Support
And it's back, apparently since shortly after I last checked and found it locked, based on the timestamp on this email.


USC Center of Management Communication said...

You are a lucky one.

For approximately 2 days, I am unable to publish or post on my blog because locked my blog. It is not a spam blog but a blog that I use as for an Independent Study that I am conducting at USC.

The blog was locked when I decided to open a discussion about Internet2. Is locking my blog a form of censorship on the issue?

I received an email from saying that my blog is unlocked - it is not. And in 8 days - according to the message on my blog since time is ticking away - will delete my blog.

My question is: Is this a filter problem or a censorship one?

the best of the best of everything said...

WELL I AM A REALTOR AND PUBLISH A DAILY BOG ON THE REAL ESTATE MARKET AND THE AREA of SOUTH BAY. MY BLOG COULD NOT BE MORE "milk toast" IF YOU TRIED AND IT HAS BEEN BLOCKED FOR 8 DAYS! Has nothing to do with content it has to do I went to adsense and tried their program. I just didn't get it and how it worked so I stopped it and one day later my blog was locked.

Lippard said...

Looks like Fiona's was blocked from March 8-10. Mine was blocked from March 8-9. You last posted on March 21, which was four days ago... if yours hasn't been unlocked yet, it seems like it's taking a bit longer with yours.

USC Center of Management Communication said...

To "The best of the best of everything"

Did you blog-lock issue get resolved?

I have never used AdSense, so I don't think that was necessarily the problem. Perhaps the Blogger engine was under maintenance or something during that period.

Just wondered if your problem was solved.

Pulpo said...

hahaha... no.. you blogs has been blocked because you didnt vote in last elections!

dont you see what it is? its a large scale operation agains spam-blogs.. and u say things like "its probably because i stopped using adsense" hahaha.. :-(

Smiley said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zennie said...

This ridiculous development happened to me as well, and I've been raising hell about it at the Blogger Help Group, here:

Blogger Help Group Complaint About Blogger

Zennie said...

The Blogger bot should be redesigned to take into account multiple authors on a blog -- those are not spam blogs by definition. Also, it should be able to detect photos, which are put up by humans.