Thursday, September 08, 2005

The REAL Truman Show

Chris Roller's web site (, aside from being a guided tour through a profoundly disturbed--though mostly harmless--mind, is immensely entertaining. He updates it often, so it pays to visit it every couple of months.

Especially funny is the clip he's provided of a segment (an amazingly long one, considering the ridiculous subject matter) that some Entertainment Tonight clone did on his $50,000,000 suit against David Copperfield for "using his Godly powers" without his permission. You can tell they were skirting along the edge of blatantly making fun of him.

Roller must be a real trip to be around.


Jim Lippard said...

I'm still more of a fan of Gary Stollman, the guy who held David Horowitz at (toy) gun point, then became an avid Internet user, posting his account of how his mother and other people were replaced by aliens with exact duplicates. He suffered from something called Capgras' syndrome, which causes a disconnect between visual recognition of people you know and the activation of emotional memories about those people, making you infer that you are viewing impostors.

Einzige said...

Don't get me wrong, that's definitely an enjoyable page, but it lacks the innocent absurdity that Roller's site has.

Stollman's writing oozes with a profound sense of loneliness, and the events he describes suggest an almost constant state of extreme confusion and desperation--both on his part and the part of his unfortunate parents.

Having been in what I imagine is a similar state of mind as a result of my experimentation with LSD, I think I can empathize with Stollman. If his experience is anything like mine was--and I would guess that it's probably worse--then it definitely counts as one of the lower rungs of Hell.