Tuesday, April 06, 2010

First two stray dogs of 2010

I caught these two male dogs in the front yard this afternoon--they wandered in while the gate was open, and I closed it to catch them.  No collars, no tags, and the pit mix was unneutered (didn't check the Spitz mix or whatever he is).  At first they were very skittish, but after they finally approached me, both wanted my constant attention.  They were both quickly picked up by the Maricopa County pound--I'm sure they'll get taken to the east side.

As I was closing the gate to catch these guys, I heard a car honk its horn and a dog yelp, and looked up to see the car drive away as a man, woman, and dog stood on the sidewalk, the dog limping.  I asked the man if the dog had just been hit, and if it was his dog, and he answered yes to both.  They walked off, the dog limping (and off leash, with no collar or tags).

Please, if you own animals, be a responsible pet owner.


Anonymous said...

It's absolutely no sense to own an animal if you're going to be irresponsible for them like that one guy is. Animals are not things and objects, but real flesh and blood organisms. Haven't that guy ever know that?

Neural Gourmet said...

Nothing drives me more insane than to see people abandoning animals or mistreating them. Because of the location of our house when I was a kid, it was all too common to find abandoned pets (mostly cats). Fortunately we were able to take care of quite a few of them, including a couple of feral cats. But I know scores more were left to fend for themselves, usually as kittens. Good on you for taking the time to care.