Tuesday, July 28, 2009

O'Reilly on Amsterdam

Via Pharyngula, a video rebuttal to a recent Bill O'Reilly show claim that Amsterdam's drug policies are a failure that has led it to be a "cesspool of corruption, crime, everything is out of control, it's anarchy," according to guest Monica Crowley, Ph.D. (In a bit of irony, her doctorate is in "international relations." She's a Fox News foreign affairs and policy analyst who was a personal foreign policy assistant to Richard Nixon from 1990-1994--I didn't realize former presidents needed personal foreign policy assistants.)

Various cities in the Netherlands have placed additional restrictions on coffee shops that sell marijuana, such as not permitting them to operate within 200m of a school. The Wikipedia entry on drug policy in the Netherlands documents this, along with the details of their decriminalization (not legalization) policies.

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Hume's Ghost said...

"assistant to Richard Nixon"

More like Nixon worshipper. She was working for MSNBC the day that Mark Felt was revealed as Deep Throat. She called him a national traitor for outing Nixon, said he acted illegally by blowing the whistle to Woodward and should have took it up with Nixon (yeah, right ... sure that would've worked swell.)