Friday, May 08, 2009

Lippards sight flying snakes

In any event, the next Carolina sighting is only briefly detailed, sadly, since it sounds even more interesting than most. On the afternoon of 16 September 1904, in the countryside near Troutman, North Carolina, Mrs John B Lippard and her children saw "30 or more large snakes sailing through the air" over their farm. Each was about 5ft (1.5m) long and 4-5in (10-13cm) wide. "They watched the snakes sail around and alight in a piece of thickety pine woods... Most assuredly these people saw something." (Statesville Landmark, 20 Sept)
Quoted from p. 34 of Jerome Clark, "Sky Serpents," Fortean Times magazine, #248, June 2009, pp. 30-36.

UPDATE (12 September 2014):  There are, in fact, gliding snakes in the jungles of south and southeast Asia.


Gridman said...

Darn, that sounds like a good one. Pity I let my subscription to the Fortean Times lapse.

Obviously they weren't really snakes but it might have been a primitive form of UFO. I believe that before they setup the Sedona Vortex UFO re-energizing portal UFOs had to generate their own dimension power by undulating wildly.

Or that might be apocryphal.

Moonglo said...

Must have been the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Jim Lippard said...

Moonglo: Aha! You may be right!

They weren't snakes, but noodly appendages.

joel hanes said...

Ever see a flock of wet cormorants alight and stand in a tree? Pretty big, and pretty snaky looking.