Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ApostAZ podcast #12

The latest ApostAZ podcast is now available:
Episode 012 Atheism and Nonsense-Free Thought in Phoenix! Go to for group events! Solstice Party Wrap Up, January Events, UK Atheist Bus, Papua New Guinea Witch Burning... In This Century! Yeah! Jeremy's Funeral Proselytization, REBT: Unconditional Other Acceptance.

The "penis panics" (also known as "koro" or "genital retraction syndrome") are typically in Nigeria, Ghana, and Benin, but have also appeared in parts of Asia such as China and Singapore.

Jeremy's funeral proselytization story is unfortunate. I've attended a few too many funeral services of late (six so far this century), of which four have been religious and two have been completely secular. All of the religious ones had a tone to them that occasionally seemed to assume that everyone present was Christian, but none had a hellfire component or a call to Jesus that I remember--they were focused on remembering the person who was gone and addressing the loss of the people present. I have heard of churches that emphasize the hellfire component, and in 2003 a priest at the funeral service of Ben Martinez in Chama, NM, said that the deceased was a lukewarm Catholic who now burns in hell. The family filed a lawsuit over it.

Shannon and Noel, congratulations on your engagement!

Re: Jeremy's godfather story--you should say sure, you'll be happy to tell the kid all about their faith, thinking to yourself, "including that most of what you believe is not true."


Brad said...

Is "koro" what qualifies this as an animal rescue blog post? "Tie a shoelace around that turtle head before it disappears!"

Jim Lippard said...

I think you must have been looking at the tags on another post...

Brad said...

You're absolutely right, the tags I was referring to are in the upper left, and refer to your entire blog.
My mistake.