Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ApostAZ podcast #9

ApostAZ podcast #9 is out, and it's something new and different--atheists Brad and Shannon in conversation and debate with evangelical Christian hip-hop artist Vocab Malone and Omri Miles.
Episode 009 Atheism and Evangelism in Phoenix! Go to atheists.meetup.com/157 for group events! What can be euphemistically termed a conversation between two non-believers, an evangelist, and a non-denominational Christian. Guests Vocab Malone and Omri Miles. How long can a civil conversation last? Brad's brain turns to mush (even more than usual)!
Additional info from Susan Jacoby's History of American Secularism (great book, buy it!)
There's an interesting followup exchange between Vocab and Brad at the Phoenix Atheists Meetup Group forum.

The ApostAZ podcast is also now available through iTunes.

I'm looking forward to listening to this one, and may add some commentary here and at the Phoenix Atheists Meetup Group forum when I do.

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