Thursday, July 03, 2008

Robert Lancaster observes Sylvia Browne first-hand

Robert Lancaster of was able to attend one of her "performances" at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino after The Amazing Meeting, and his description of the event is fascinating. He, his wife, and another skeptic were each able to ask a question--she batted 0/2 for the two personal questions, and Lancaster himself asked where she obtained her Master's degree in English literature. She was then foolish enough to call him back to the microphone in an apparent attempt to cause a scene, which only served to advertise his website to the entire audience.

What I found most interesting about his account of the show was his description of his conversations with other attendees after it was over. Browne's alleged psychic powers were apparently failing her at this event.

UPDATE (July 12, 2008): Sylvia Browne's shows at the Excalibur, originally scheduled to run through August, have been cancelled. Due to unforeseen circumstances, no doubt.


karen said...

In 1995 on September 4th my sister went missing in Florida. After many painful months my family and the police department felt that my sister's boyfriend killed her and disposed the body. At that time my family went to Sylvia Browne seeking help. Trust me when your loved one is missing it is so surreal, you are definitely at your weakest point and this is when you need compassionate people to be involved with the case. Sylvia Browne came to Florida, I didn't mind paying her expenses and a fee. But I felt like she was in a hurry to do a read and leave. Even after my mother went on the Williams show, Sylvia was almost impossible to reach. It blows me away, that she claims not to charge for her readings. This is not true, not only dose she charge, but believe me they are timed to the minute. I was told that my sister was gone, that there was no body. She then looked at a few photos and pointed at a man who happened to be the father of the boyfriend and said that he knew everything. After those words she was gone. When I tried to reach her again, she didn't have time for me and my family. So shame on you Sylvia Browne. I hope you are enjoying all your money from all the cases you never were able to solve. Believe me, there are many more cases unsolved then solved. 13 years later I am still haunted by my sister's unsolved case. Nothing that Sylvia Browne said either solved the case or brought comfort to our family.

Anonymous said...

Well, there are lots of celebrity psychics out there that gives readings that seems odd and most of them doesn't really come true, not even close, but I think that what is important with this sort of things is on how we as individuals will interpret those readings and use them on our daily lives