Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of course I'm right

I do try to be accurate and correct my mistakes. I was happy to read on the Village Voice's blog that I'm "right." But I think they mean politically right. In some cases, I'm sure I'm to the right of the Village Voice. In others, I'm sure I'm right there with them on the left.

I suppose it could be argued that defending InfraGard from falsehoods is "right" in both senses.

Here's the comment I posted at the Village Voice blog:
I'll happily have my blog characterized as "right" meaning "correct," but I don't think it's terribly accurate to refer to much of its content as politically right wing. I would be happy to hear that ending the war in Iraq, ending the war on drugs, legalizing gay marriage, impeaching George W. Bush, abolishing the CIA, strict separation of church and state, and free speech absolutism (all positions defended at my blog) are now endorsed by the political right--it's about time.

Thanks for the link.
(Obligatory xkcd cartoon about being right. Kat can vouch for its accuracy.)


Hume's Ghost said...

I can't stand getting identified as "right" or "left".

Not that I get labeled "right" very often ... I can only think of a single instance of that.

Applying an imaginary linear scale to every issue imaginable serves no good purpose other than to put ideological blinders on the public's eyes.

I understand some utility in the left/right distinction but as a society we've gone way past that.

rod said...

You are right.

By the way, Head Quasar/Michael James found Zak Woodruff in San Diego. Way to go Zak, beat the heat.

Petrisko lives in Phoenix on McDowell and is in the arts.

Rod is alive but had a aneurysm in the basilar region of his brain in the summer of 04. After 6 weeks Jasmine was told to place him in a nursing home, that night Rod woke up and was released a week later.

It took him about 6 months to rewire his brain with the help of Yahoo and Google but he did just fine.

Him is me.

What a trip.


Jim Lippard said...

Rod! It's good to hear from you. I'm sorry to hear about your aneurysm, but glad to hear that you've made a recovery.