Monday, May 07, 2007

This integer is mine, you may not use it

70 D0 87 F2 02 2E 37 96 EB 84 B3 1B B5 92 10 E7

This 128-bit integer was used to encrypt a copyrighted haiku, and all rights to decrypt that haiku with this integer have been given to me. You may not use this 128-bit integer for any purpose; if you distribute it or publish it you are in violation of the DMCA's restrictions on circumvention.

(Actually, I've probably blown it by publishing this number--but there are others which are mine and which you also may not obtain or distribute. And that goes for you, too, AACS LA.)

You can get your own 128-bit integer and read the haiku for yourself at Ed Felten's Freedom to Tinker blog.


Einzige said...

Is only the hexidecimal version yours, or do the base 10 and base 3 (and base x) versions also belong only to you?

Einzige said...

And what constitutes "use"?

Would it be wrong for me to, say, multiply it by 5?

Jim Lippard said...

I lay claim to the number, no matter what base it is expressed in. And, for clarity, you are correct that the version published was hexadecimal (and not some base greater than 16).

If you would like to use it for purposes of multiplication, please contact me about licensing.