Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Arizona Democratic Party funded anti-Munsil website

The chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party has admitted that the party gave $100,000 to the "Arizona Values Coalition" which funded the anti-Len Munsil website previously reported here. This comes after a denial by party spokesman Bart Graves on September 18. The site, which cost $1,250, has resulted in a payment of that amount to Munsil's campaign from the Citizens Clean Elections Commission.

Look, Democrats--use accurate information about Munsil to discredit him (of the sort that's on the Len Munsil Facts website), and do so openly, rather than using deceptively-named groups like the "Arizona Conservative Trust." If Munsil manages to come from far behind and win this election, the Democratic Party's actions will be partly to blame.

The Arizona Conservative Trust also paid for anti-Munsil pre-recorded telemarketing calls before the September 12 primaries.

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