Saturday, July 15, 2006

Coulter fundraising reception raises no money

Rep. Bob Beauprez (R-CO), running for Governor of Colorado, had a fundraising reception at the Paramount Theater in Denver with Ann Coulter as the guest. Beauprez himself did not attend, being busy in D.C., but his wife was present. The event didn't attract any donors, leaving Mrs. Beauprez and Coulter to chat with each other, a dozen campaign volunteers, and a few radio station listeners who had won free tickets to hear Coulter speak. Funds raised: $0.


Zeno said...

With so few people present, Coulter might have been pleasant and low key. I hear she doesn't turn on her cock-throppled bitch persona unless there's a real audience. Her schtick is nastiness for profit.

Einzige said...


Frank Staheli said...

Her approach is not nastiness, but the truth about the world, mixed with a bit of sarcasm. To paraphrase a famous statement "The [wrong] take the [sarcasm] to be hard."

Jim Lippard said...


That's a great word (and great little passage at your blog). Thanks for the reference.


You are badly out of touch with reality if you think that Ann Coulter tells "the truth about the world." Her writing is characterized by a complete disregard for factual accuracy, with the evolution sections of Godless being some of the most clear-cut examples of nonsense.

Pharyngula put forth a challenge for Coulter supporters to find just one paragraph in the evolution section that is defensible as factually accurate, but there have been no takers.